Reasons to not uninstall League of Legends

You may be a very extensive player of League of Legends but there might have been a time when you have thought of uninstalling the League of Legends of game. We advise you not to do so because there are a lot activities going on at This may be a momentary feeling and you are certainly going to regret it after you do so. We will give you certain reasons why you should not uninstall League of Legends.

league of legends

The game is always changing

When you play League of Legends, there is always something new which you get without throwing away the core essence. This game updates regularly, providing you with something better every time. Despite all the updates, the game is still the same as it was a few years earlier which the game launched. When the game first launched, many people wouldn’t have imagined that there would be champions who could walk through the walls or a mode in the game where there are no cooldowns. In short, the updates are just added to the core element without actually changing the core. This is what makes League of Legends so unique and there wouldn’t be a single thought in your mind to uninstall the game.

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No Meta Lasts Forever

Not all metais meant for everyone. Some of them enjoy certain meta while some others may not. Sometimes using a meta which you don’t use may make you feel that the game is dying. If you are having such a feeling, you should try a different meta. This will certainly give you a new feel and you have a different perspective too. If you hate a certain meta, you should play more with that particular meta. It will help you learn more about that particular meta and you will also learn how to deal with it. You will certainly start liking the game again. If you ever feel that you are bored playing with the same meta, you can choose a different meta. This will keep the love for your game alive.


We think that these reasons well enough to stop you from uninstalling League of Legends. LoL is a very fun and interesting game and there is always something to look into the game.